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We at Unnati do social media analytics. After talking to people, we found out that setting up a data collection framework was a tedious task. To solve this problem, we built Tweezer. With Tweezer, you can start collecting streaming twitter data in under 5 mins.

Twitter streaming api has no rate limits, so it is simpler to use it. All we need to start collecting data is to have a twitter authorized app. Connect to the streaming api with the authorized app credentials and you are ready to fetch tweets in realtime.

We have a handy configuration file designed to manage the authorized app credentials, data store credentials and the tracks to fetch data for (hashtags / keywords)

For the JSFoo event, we used tweezer to fetch the twitter stream for tags related to the event and ran the service for 3 days. Here is the link to the dashboard

Streaming Data

The concept of time is at the core of all Data Processing systems. With streaming of data we have the ability to generate results in real-time.

Scalable Data Store

The crux of data analytics platforms are the data stores. Choosing the right one based on Velocity, Volume and Variety is very important. For this project we are using mongodb.

Open Source

We at Unnati <3 open source. Open source is not a concept, it is a way of life. If this interests you, do read The Cathedral and the Bazaar.

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Use Cases

Real Time Analytics

Real time analytics lead to insights and customer trends. Helps us identify influences and engage with the audience in an informed manner.

Sentiment Analysis

Sentiment analysis helps us truly understand what the audience feel. This helps us in making operational improvements and find the best way to incentivize people.

Brand Watch

It is important to understand the impact of a brand and how it changes with time. This provides insights on what type of campagins should be conducted to boost the brand and mitigate any form of negative impact.


Monitoring news is very important, especially if you are in the financial market or in the consumer space. Every market event has an impact on a business. Actions based on data lead to impactful results.

We are data scientists solving important business problems.

We specialize in building end to end scalable data science solutions

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